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Entered Ukraine without App working: Consequences?


David Rochlin:
O.K., I arrived in Ukraine  and the App, dill vdoma did not like the US number on my phone, and was erased due to not meeting Android standards when I transferred data to a new phone, so not on my phone when I Arrived.  I intended to try to figure it out here, but apparently I am supposed to declare intent to use the App at immigration.  I did not know.  What I did do right was getting a PCR test at the airport which produced a negative result, so no Covid.  What will the consequences be when I depart or while staying in  a Kyiv apartment?
it seems the penalty is a 17000 UAH or more fine

David Rochlin:

When I eventually left Ukraine there was no issue resulting from my failure to use the App or alternately isolate in a Government sponsored, plague hotel.  Whether that was, because I had a negative  P R result in less than a day After Arriving and taking it at KBP or just the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, I have no idea.


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