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is there a data base to find out is someone is married or divorced...In Kyiv

No idea, but the right amount of grease applied to the right palm(s) will get you any info you want.

There is no such database accessible to the general public. I did a bit of searching, and it's also not an information you can just go and OFFICIALLY request an access to at the proper offices.

But yeah, as Tnic mentioned, this is Ukraine. You could try going to ДРАЦС in Kyiv and seeing how much info some spare money can buy.

David Rochlin:
Hire a private detective or maybe a lawyer or someone doing both gigs to do the dirty work.  But, the rule of thumb is that if you are not a paranoid weirdo and you feel strongly that something is wrong, then it probably is.

Hey guys,

Not trying to hijack this post. Honest!
I'm curious whether my PR is still valid. I divorced my wife a ways back and I'm not sure if my wife's mother revoked whatever it is she did to allow me to get PR.
Does anyone know if foreigner's PR is searcheable online, for renewal or just validity?


I hope all you guys are doing okay and still eating that Salo !


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