Author Topic: Школьников учат ненавидеть Украину (Schoolboys learn to hate Ukraine)  (Read 1082 times)

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This sort of activity does nothing to promote harmony. No wonder we see the situation in Crimea worsening.

Translation (with a bit of tweaking): "The beginning of new academic year in the Crimea was marked by a widespread scandal. The parents of students of one of Simferopol's schools raised a question about the new teacher of history, who literally from the first lessons began to teach the children their, putting it mildly, non-standard vision and understanding the history of the Ukraine. Moms and dads of schoolboys were shocked, when in the summaries of their children's work saw phrases of the type of "The word Ukraine is derogatory, it means borderland." and "We do not live in Ukraine, we live in Russia".