Author Topic: I appeal to those citizens of current Ukraine, who are Jews by nationality!  (Read 2339 times)

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Today the is enough to speak about jews to be point out of anti-semitism.... :-\

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Jewish Yoda is?
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Quote from: The Old Man
Tim, I didn't read any anti-Semitism in Claus' post otherwise I wouldn't have agreed.

I was sarcastic. Working with Brits develops this nasty habit (not that I suffered from lack of it before <grin>). Sorry.

Quote from: The Old Man
I have re-read the post and again I failed to detect the slightest hint of anti-Semitism.

That's pretty much depend on the definition on anti-semitism you use...

But this theme appears to big and confrontational for this little nice comfortable forum, doesn't it?

Fair enough, Tim. Shalom, ma shlomcha?

I'm a Brit. My first wife was Jewish (her father a Cohen, his father a rabbi), my children could accepted as Jews but they chose not to be. Although Belfast born, I was brought up in South London (Streatham) where there exists a very large Jewish community and several orthodox and reform synagogues. Many of this community I counted as friends except when we played football against their team on Sundays. Anyone who is familiar with that area of London will know that every religion exists in every street.

Odessa is, as Nik points out a cosmopolitan city and has an extremely large Jewish community. I couldn't imagine it any other way! I wouldn't want it any other way. That is part of the reason the city is so special.

Jewish cooking is superb and many Russian and Ukrainian dishes are derived from the Jewish original!