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Outdoor Pools, Day Passes at Gyms, running
« on: 14:23 09-Jun-2007 »
Hi!  I'm in Kyiv for about 10 days and will be visiting every couple of months for a couple of weeks.  I'm wondering whether anyone could give me some tips:

1)  It's hot here! Are there are any outdoor pools or other places where you can swim and sunbathe?

2)  Does anyone know of a gym with decent treadmills and free weights where you can just buy a day pass rather than a monthly or annual membership?

3)  I'm training for my next half marathon.  The hills here are great for that, but I'm wondering whether anyone has mapped out good running routes in the city or whether there are any websites or other sources of information for good 10k, 15K, 20K runs in the city.  I have a couple, but the directions are so vague that I don't want to end up somewhere near Chernigiv when I realize that I've gone the wrong way  :P !

Any ideas would be much appreciated!