Author Topic: Meest shipping service from the U.S. to Ukraine recommendations?  (Read 2225 times)

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If anyone has been recently using Meest shipping service to ship packages from the U.S. to Ukraine, I would like any pros and cons comments. Is their reliability, cheap   rates and service still good? I plan to ship a number of small boxes, under 70lbs each, of personal effects, and a few electronics, such as printer, computer and monitor.I will be moving to Western Ukraine to work on a project this summer.  I understand that Ukraine charges a fee for shipping electronics into Ukraine. Does anyone have any experience with that? What are the duties? If anyone knows a reliable local Meest representative in the S.F. Bay Area, I would greatly appreciate his contact number, or email address. Thanks!


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As far as I know, based on lots of recommendations over 12 or more years on expatua and a Yahoo forum I used to moderate, Meest are ultra-reliable. I always thought they only operated out of Boston.

Why not give their toll-free number a ring and ask them about collection from SF and the likelihood of having to pay taxes?

1 800 288 9949

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Yes, Meest delivered as planned. I shipped via air and the package arrived the day after it was shipped. However, it took almost three weeks to clear Ukrainian Customs. I did include the Customs Declaration Document.

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You can prepare an order online, anywhere in the U.S. and UPS the package to Meest/Bosmix.  You can opt to let them puzzle out the customs forms, providing just a little information.  It usually seems to take about a month, shipping by UPS ground, to Bosmix, from the West coast, and then by air to UA.  I believe they hold packages at the main offices in both countries, for some days, until they have enough to fill a crate, or send a truck to a UA city.  During parts of the shipping process when the package doesn't seem to be going anywhere, tracking is a bit vague.
What they are really good at is ultimately delivering reliably while making shipping very simple for the customer.