Author Topic: Newly Arriving and needing advice  (Read 786 times)

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Newly Arriving and needing advice
« on: 17:35 23-Apr-2010 »

I am a student who will be doing research in Kiev for three months. I speak russian fluently (I was originally born here), but I haven't been back to Kiev since I was a teenager. However, I will be arriving with my fiance, who is British and doesn't speak any russian, despite my attempts to teach him and a cd of rosseta stone.
I am planning on renting an apartment in Kiev when I get there, and renting a hotel for a couple of days until I do so. I would like the apartment to be located somewhere near the center of the city and near a metro.
I was hoping for some advice from people.
Will I be all right renting an apartment within a couple of days?
How much money should I bring with me for 90 days? I'm not planning on eating out a lot, since I like cooking and I have missed the rynoks with their fruit and veggies.
What should I be aware of?
How dangerous is it for two people, one who is a foreigner and the other who doesn't the city at all?
How often will we get stopped by the police?
Should I ever take money out of an atm?
How bad is the atmosphere in Kiev right now with the new president?

Basically, I am just hoping for a whole mess of advice. I've been reading a lot of the forums, but none of it seems to apply to my situation in particular. Also, there hasn't been a lot mentioned about the current state of affairs.

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Re: Newly Arriving and needing advice
« Reply #1 on: 18:25 23-Apr-2010 »
I will let the other expat regulars answer you fully as I am about to leave the house in my armoured car to go to the pub  (lol).

Stop panicking - its safer here in Kiev than London as long as you avoid the cars taking short cuts on the pavement ...

Use ATMs - but preferably inside banks

The police may stop you if you have a union jack T Shirt and are waving a bottle (wave a star spangled banner and you deserve it) - advice - don't - have been here 3 years and stopped twice - on both occasions I smiled, said I lived here and walked on. to live on - see other posts...

...Apartment - see other posts....

Re President, we have not seen him yet but he is welcome to buy us all a beer... as usual business carries on here despite politics.

Fiance a brit eh? Can you bring chocolate hob nobs?


welcome aboard!
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