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hello, I'm planning on leaving from California to Kiev early march for 3 to 6 months. (pls forgive me. I'm new to the whole forum thing)

my background and purpose:
im a 42 yr old sports therapist. i have my own practice in california. 3 years ago i went to Ukraine for some extra education. my real education came in the form of a relationship with a girl from Kherson. i was shocked at how ignorant i was to how different women were in other parts of the world. i know I'm painting with a broad brush but i never experienced such respect and kindness from a women before and i just don't experience that in The States. even less in Canada. i was married before to a card carrying feminist. i didn't realize it at the time. i just thought that was what women were like. after my divorce i had a hard time dating because i didn't want to wind up in the same situation. then i met kati. i never met a female that actually valued my masculinity! and it wasn't just her. the vast majority of the women i met in Ukraine over three years (Kherson, kharkov, poltava, yalta, mykolaiv) were incredibly sweet and easy to get along with. after a year and a half of dating kati from Kherson i decided i wanted to marry her. but she didn't want to leave her country. this was my second lesson. of course in all countries there are those people who will do anything to get to a better country. but in my experience most americans think all Ukrainian women just want western men for the green card. kati had a red carpet laid out for her. and she didn't want to leave her homeland. i was both distraught and impressed.
through a friend who is a translator in poltava i met Elena. we dated about a year and a half. we both very much wanted to get married. but we couldn't. i can't have kids. sterile. she wanted more than the six year old girl she had. so it wasn't going to work out. now i want to go for a longer visit. I've learned that along with the more traditional women in Ukraine comes more traditional desires. its a lot easier finding women in the west who don't want kids. not so in Ukraine. this poses a huge obstacle to me. because as stated, i can't have kids. i have no problem if a woman already has one. two would probably be a bit much for me. (my first girlfriend kati couldn't have kids either) because of this large obstacle I've decided that if i really want to find a good Ukrainian woman i was going to need to move there for a little while. 3-6 months I'm thinking.

please note, i am in no way even slightly interested in the "sexpat" thing. i didn't even know what that was until i read about it on this web site.

i have quite a bit of experience in Ukraine. I've been to all major cities and many smaller ones. i usually rent a car. I've driven all over the country in all times of the year. i stayed in hotels. I've rented apartments. i don't speak much of either of the languages there.
here is a bullet list of my plan:

until i leave in march, learn some Russian language
when i get there join Russian language and Ukraine language classes to learn and meet people
join classes where Ukraine people want to learn english. offer my services as a native speaker to the class.
join a couple of yoga studios
join a fitness club (i am pretty physically fit. vegetarian, lots of organic veggies, ect. i do crossfit and yoga. was thinking of possibly starting the first official crossfit in Ukraine.... any ideas?? ;)
I'm thinking of staying in kiev. it just seems like the place where i have the best chances. i also have read that many girls from the villages travel to kiev in hopes to make a better life. this is very appealing to me. I'm not interested in the wannabe porn models walking around town fleecing guys 4 times there age.
i have no idea where to get my apartment. where is the best place to get an apartment in kiev for a western guy looking for a wife?
im not really into clubs or nightlife.

any help with this info would be much appreciated. also, how does an american stay past the 90 day limit if i want to stay for six months?

i hope there is nothing in this topic that offends anyone. if i said anything that is of offense, it was sincerely unintentional.

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum!

 First off, please use capital letters and paragraphs. It makes it much easier to read for the rest of us.  ;)

 You can stay up to 90 days in Ukraine under the 90/180 rule. So the idea of 6 months will be illegal for your scenario.  Have a look  at the visa area to see what the rules are.

 Most of us have fallen for Ukrainian women and their family values so you're not the first nor only one!
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Introductions  - PLEASE.

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Welcome to Ukraine... you might consider a dual landing spot option; Ukraine and a neighbouring country like Romania, Czech Republic, Montenegro or Hungary, and get around the visa issue by going back and fourth so you never spend more than the time limits in either. You can even take your girlfriend on "holiday" with you... by being a "perpetual traveller", you don't need to sweat the visa issue, and apartments are cheap enough you could keep a "base" in Ukraine. BTW, a woman with two kids is lovely, I know, I married one! :)

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I hope you find happiness. Once you have that it doesn't matter where you hang your hat or what country you are in.