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A message from the US...
« on: 17:42 19-Jul-2010 »
A good friend in Atlanta (GA) just emailed me this:

'There are republicans, and then there are republicans', Grandpa said,
sucking his pipe in the last blazes of sundown.

He puffed a perfect ring of smoke into the emerging dusk.
I'm his grandson and do know better than interrupting; just looked my

'There are stupid republicans,' said he; 'they support this ignorant,
imbecile blimpbrain, Sarah Palin and the SA of our days, the Tea Party.'
I had to ask - 'SA?'
'Sturmabteilung, kid - nazi terrorists; read your history.'
Grandpa took his time to puff his pipe some more.
I just waited.

'Then, there are intelligent republicans,' he stated. 'They hate and
fear the pragmatic current administration - and hate it so much they'll
do all and everything to sabotage and discredit it.'

'And, the democrats, Grandpaw?'
'Well, kid,' puffed he; 'there are stupid democrats; they support the
Tea Party and the likes of it, because they're are angy that miracles
do not happen overnight...'
'And intelligent democrats, Grandpaw?'

'Oh,' sighed Granddad, 'they've emigrated.'

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Re: A message from the US...
« Reply #1 on: 19:37 19-Jul-2010 »
Sarah Palin latched onto the Tea Party, not the other way around.  The Republican Party and Tea Party is latching onto each other as it is extraordinarily difficult for any third party to compete against the other two - on all prongs of analysis.  That is perhaps the only reason why the Tea Party is getting candidates on the Republican ticket.  If there was another way to be effective, they'd do it.

Guess we've got both sides painting the other as brown shirts.  Point is the Tea Party is basically the center - they want to Republicans and Democrats out of office, or at the very least - not having a two-faced coin monopolizing the future. 

As far as I'm concerned, Bush pushed the Patriot Act well beyond rational limits; Obama has taken everything that Bush did - and accelerated them, expanded them, lied about them, etc.  It's not Obama himself necessarily, he reads the teleprompter.  He is bought and paid for.
We cannot afford governments that cannot afford to take care of our veterans.

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Re: A message from the US...
« Reply #2 on: 03:18 20-Jul-2010 »
The Tea Party is a sort of rebranded Republican Party, in a sense.  Most Tea Party people are Republican voters, and some are libertarians and independents, homeless Perotistas or whatever.
America goes through generational cycles, where one generation will be very religious, and the next will be sick of it, and reject religion.  The pendulum swings back and forth in approximately fifteen to twenty year cycles.  Right now, we are obviously in a secular cycle and religion is not so popular.  These cycles have been recurring since America's "Great Awakening" began in 1725.
The Republican Party has been powered by an unwritten agreement between Religious Social Conservatives, and Fiscal, pro-business Conservatives.  They have supported one another's policies.  But, Religious conservatives are not the draw they used to be.  So, to be relevant, Business minded, fiscal conservatives are now aligning with libertarians in a new movement which is not overtly tied to religion.  I think that is where the Tea Party is.
But, in about fifteen years religion will be back in vogue here.

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Re: A message from the US...
« Reply #3 on: 08:53 20-Jul-2010 »
Right now, we are obviously in a secular cycle and religion is not so popular. 

Apparently, I lived in a different America. I gave up a tenured post at a Midwestern American university because I couldn't bear to read another literature term paper with a thesis such as "Frankenstein would have been a sympathetic character if only he'd have found Jesus."

Maybe not on the coasts, but if you were to substitute "God" with "Allah" and "Jesus" with Mohamed," the Taliban would be a real contender in Midwestern/Southern American politics.

Instead, we have a large section of the Tea Baggers (yes, I am aware of pornography terminology) who describe themselves as "Christocrats".
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Re: A message from the US...
« Reply #4 on: 17:22 20-Jul-2010 »
Google "American Taliban"
If you think the muslim extremist are bad, the Christian religious right are up there also.
The PM of Canada is a religious right extremist and basically why I am scrabbling to get out of Canada.
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