Author Topic: Applying for your UK passport in Ukraine - changes from 12th August 2010  (Read 513 times)

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Some changes in the process for those who may be interested -

Applications for a first British passports (for example for a child), or in the event that you are changing your name (for example after marriage) will require supporting documentation.  You can find information on the documents required on this website. If these documents are not in English you will need to provide a certified translation with your application, as well as the original document.  You should provide an additional photocopy of all supporting documents when you apply.

For those renewing -

If you are renewing an existing passport you will be able to retain this while your new passport is processed.  However, you will need to bring your current passport with you when you apply.  In most cases you will not need to provide any further documents with your application.

Full details in the link below -

UK Embassy in Kyiv