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Why Ukraine? How did we first come to be here?

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Well, okay that's more than one question. Oh alright then I'll go first since I brought it up!

In May 2005 in New Zealand, after surviving a somewhat scaring relationship with a local woman in my little home town and being the quiet chap that I was/am, I decided to go on the internet in order to find a girlfriend from a wider gene pool.

I met and dated a couple of nice ladies and before writing to a woman, 47 years old whose address was given as Auckland, 240 kilometers away.
After a couple of letters I wrote and asked her that if I came up to Auckland could we meet? Where upon she replied saying that she actually lived a little further away, in Odessa, Ukraine and now knowing this did I want to continue our communication?
A quick perusal of the map located Odessa 17,000 kilometers away. Yeah, well why not.
December 2005 I came to Odessa to meet her. We got on well. We have since parted but I finally found a place where I wanted to live.

I bumped into a group of foreign students and their teachers on their trip to London in 1996. It was lunch time, a gloriously sunny day and I was having my usual walk along the side of the River Thames. The students were taking snaps of the Houses of Parliament. I told one of the teachers that the children could obtain better snaps if they stood outside St Thomas' Hospital further up the embankment.

I walked with them, thinking they were Greek and a little surprised at how well this teacher spoke English. Eventually, she explained they were Ukrainians. Like most people at that time, I immediately thought ........ RUSSIA. We exchanged addresses and began corresponding, snail mail for a couple of years as pen friends.

In 1998, she invited me over to see Odessa and to visit her school. Great trip, loved it all. Best holiday of my life. Upon returning to UK, I realised I had been touched by a very special lady. I was smitten by both her AND Odessa. By this time, as the school had been given computers, we were able to continue corresponding by email. A virtual proposal to become my wife was accepted.

I used ALL of my next year's holiday to visit again, during which time we obtained a fiance visa. I whipped her off to Blighty and we married 2 months later.

My family adore her. My children love her to bits. All our family friends said she is the right lady (General aka The Boss) for me.

Well, folks, it will be 11 years this coming November.

Ok, I need to break the "100% of the posters came to Ukraine because of a woman" that we have now 8)
I actually stayed in Ukraine mostly because of a guy (and no, I'm definitely not gay).

I first came for a one week holiday, met a guy in a pub one night and we became fast friends, started to tour the clubs together, and I liked Ukraine and the Ukrainian's warm welcome so much that I decided to extend my stay for an unknown duration (that was 5 years ago).

I eventually invited an ex-grilfriend (american) to come here, and she ended up dating my Ukrainian friend.
And I now live with a Russian girl that I met in China, and who came in Ukraine for the first time with me.
So yes, some of us actually think there are not enough girls in Ukraine and we need to "import" more...  ::)

Before I moved here, I worked in several different countries. A year here, two years there.
I came here a few years ago for work and just haven't got off my a**e to leave yet...sure I'll get round to it one of these days.

I came here 8 years ago as a student (will be 8 yrs on NOV7) Lived in Odessa for a year,studied russian, then said bye to my school mates(2 of  them)as they continued studying to become Mariners.. i left for Kiev to become an Engineer. Finished my masters in comp.sys.&networks and came back, to continue the startup with my friends, with an IM-1 to continue what i'm good in..Selling Technologies :) and won't be leaving until i have my share of money that can be made here :)


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