Author Topic: Looking for peculiar (and / or soviet) tourist attractions...  (Read 1864 times)

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something peculiar and soviet?

Find some friends who live in a soviet style apartment. Go have a meal with 6 people in a kitchen the size of a large closet around a 1m x 1m table.

OMG Yes!  You haven't lived until you've survived that!  Its hilarious when everyone has to get up and leave the kitchen so the person furthest in can go to the loo.

And if the apartment is built according to true Soviet ingenuity then the toilet will be directly adjacent to the kitchen so that everyone in the kitchen can listen to (or smell) the activities in the toilet.
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Hey guys,

looks like you are not the "Tough Westerners" any more :-)
I lived (and survided) about 3 weeks during winter time in a "Kommunalka" in SPb, living with a friend, a poor painter.

But probbaly, because I am one of the "Good, and Hard, Germans" :-)

Always funny was it, when during that time I visited one of the bars for foreigners. Because, when I answered "In a Kommunalka" to one of the "Buttterflies" approaching me, and asking in the second sentence, where I live, first of all they considered it a joke. Until I showed the Russian style key to the doors lock. Then immediately I was alone again :-(