Author Topic: England's got talent & Russia's got brains?  (Read 649 times)

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England's got talent & Russia's got brains?
« on: 05:03 01-Oct-2011 »

KBM's brown tonguer  is ahead of the bellcurve with regards to the potential of the Internet & Applications - in this case teaching Russia's history through something like a WOW clone.  There are a number of variant ideas emerging with regards to online games - one upcoming release is FunCom's "The Secret World" - which will draw upon "real world" history, myth, fiction and conspiracies to drive it's game setting in a parallel version of "here & now". 

I'm inclined to say that many young players of games like WOW are picking up better math, reading and basic technical skills over what they are getting in most public schools.  Then, there are games like EVE that provide some reasonable hands on training of different aspects of retailing/supply chain management - investing - and for a few, even running online banks. 

Anyways, very interesting to see a president - for that matter, the president of Russia talking in these terms.  A demonstration of being in-touch with the times and at least trying to come up with new applications for old ideas.  That beats the traditional concept - that to improve education.... we'll just raise some more taxes, borrow some more money, and um... spend more.  Yeah, that'll work...

We cannot afford governments that cannot afford to take care of our veterans.

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Re: England's got talent & Russia's got brains?
« Reply #1 on: 14:11 03-Nov-2011 »
Hope they also invest in 3D printers and buy them from me 8)

Launching later this month...