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Glyn Thomas.:
I thought I would add in this Topic in the hope it gets the attention of newbies to the Forum.

Often new members will just dive in and post and we often see questions like: "I am married for 1 year and need to get residency fast - who can help?"

Well, there are lots of people who can give advice - but it is helpful if they can see who you are, where you are from and your overall situation. Most long-term members will check your previous posts and if you can't be bothered to write a few lines about yourself - why should they help you? It's a question of etiquette - good manners.

No War and Peace but a few facts will help you in the future.

Finally, if you have landed here on the forum directly, remember we are gradually building up a lot of useful information on the website itself:



PS : please add yourself to our map of members....

PPS - I have tried to have an all-inclusive tolerant view ... But, there are too many self-opinionated idiots and trolls around so I now give people a chance but if they annoy they get banned. This includes thrusting gigolos and the ones who ask hundreds of questions then get annoyed because the answers are already there.. you just have to search.

Please note that all US political subjects will be moved to the Grumpy Redneck bar. This is Ukraine - not Utah.

This is a community and if you piss off the community you will be banned.. Over and over if needed.

I am the guy who will not let the Black Merc in at the lights after it has illegally overtaken 100m of traffic on the wrong side of the road and expects me to cave in because the driver believes himself to be important. He is not important and he will not be allowed to jump the queue by me... Him and his chase car driver can go boil their heads.

Rant over.  8)


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