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Hi All,

Returned from Lublin, Poland with Type D Visa.
Went well, Oksana Duka is the Consulate employee I dealt with. She issued the Visa within 4 hours of my application. So I was able to return in one day to Ukraine. I did not need an invitation letter...Just passport, marriage certificate, copy of passport info page, copy of my wife's passport pages, small photos.

As I understand I need a few documents to be issued a TRP.

1. Passport - translated and certified (no problem)
2. Marriage Certificate (I have)
3. Criminal Report (no problem)
4. Medical Evaluation (no problem - though waiting 1 week for blood work analysis? Would a trip to Lvyv speed this up? ie. one day turn around?)

5. Housing Utility Reference No. 3 - No idea what this is...Does anyone know what this means in Layman's terms?

6. Right of Use Document - This appears to be a difficult document, but I am not sure...I am leaning towards a Notarized rental agreement as proof, but if anyone knows an easier or better way to get this document I would appreciate it.

7. Health Insurance Document - This forum explained that I can get one for 60 uah or so at OVIR ircc...

8. Receipt from VRD @ OVIR - Sounds easy enough - get receipt and pay at bank window, return with proof...etc.

Thank you for any help in advance...

Med Ins runs around 300 UAH for a 6 month policy.  Your OVIR likely can tell you where to buy it or google it.

#5 proof your Utilities are paid up?
#6 the ever elusive ZHEK registration?

hello Elric..this might be the simplest and inexpensive solution to my problem.

you did not need anything more than you stated to obtain your "D" visa?  i assume this is the same "VD" or "DV" immigrant permit?  are you a US citizen?  i have all the documents except my criminal record (due in a week or so) and my health certificate (also next week)....all the docs i will need at OVIR

i just want to be sure i can do this if i attempt the same thing

also, is there any contact info you can givve me for this woman that did this for you? do you speak russian or does she speak english?  if neither, did you hire a terp?

thanks in advance...

well, DOH!  i see you are a US citizen...  so nevermind that question....but the rest i am extremely interested in..

If in Kyiv.....

Purchasing insurance used to be on Gonshara Ul (around number 53 or so) almost to Yaroslav Val. It was across from a low, gray bank building (just a branch). There should be a message board in the OVIR about a block up from Universytet Metro that shows the insurance requirement and they had a little handout at the desk to give you three places to go for it.

I agree the Zhek registration will be needed. The lease document or the resident's invitation letter/marriage certificate, along with their document (roughly equivalent to a title) which was shown at the Zhek is probably the other document as well.


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