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How to book a train ticket

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You can do it here,easy,online.English version finally works:


You order a ticket online,print the form (or write down the number of booking) and go the Central Station where you can change it for a normal ticket in any window (one,if I'm not mistaking #35, specializes only in internet tickets).

You will be asked to write down your name, a S.number and Place of Issue of your passport,so have it with you.99,9% of time they don't  look at your passport to verify it,its just a formality.You will have to sign the blank too.


Make sure you actually pick one of the automatic options it comes up with for destinations, otherwise it wont work



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Done, Babs. Thanks - we obviously overlooked this one.

Website for train tickets is disaster  :-X
Readers comments are interesting  :D


""We?re visiting Kharkiv for the first match of Holland and want to travel from Kyiv to Kharkiv by train. I?ve tried to book tickets now for two days via the website http://booking.uz.gov.ua/en/, but this is a disaster.

Most of the time the website is not up and running, and if you succeed in entering your order and pay for it with a credit card there is no feedback.
At one point I succeeded in paying for four tickets and got a confirmation on the website, but did not receive a order confirmation via e-mail (as indicated on the website).

And when I got back to buy more tickets (I need six return tickets, so a total of 12 tickets, but the website only allows to buy four tickets during one transaction), I saw that the seats I thought that I bought and paid for are still available.

It really is amazing for me that a relative simple transaction website is not functioning correctly so shortly before Euro 2012. We work together with an outsouring company in Lviv and they employ good people. So it can?t back a shortage in people that can build websites.

It?s really strange to see that Ukraine is so badly prepared to receive supporters.

A lot of people that I know are not travelling to Euro 2012 because prices are high for travel/hotels. But those that want to take the trip are seeing difficulties in simple things like booking a train ticket online.""


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