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Just passing on the message received.

On 26th April 2012 the offices of Vsesvit Ukraine's oldest and most esteemed literary journal were raided by officials acting on behalf of someone who wishes to seize the property where they are based. The editor, Oleh Mykytenko, who is 83 was hospitalised as a result of the raid.

П'ятниця, 27 квітня 2012, 11:41

26 квітня відбувся рейдерський напад на редакцію журналу "Всесвіт", у результаті якого 83-річний шеф-редактор опинився у лікарні.
Про це "Українській правді" повідомив заступник редактора Дмитро Дроздовський.
"Рейдери вимагали негайно звільнити приміщення на вул. М. Грушевського, 34/1, яке офіційно належить ТОВ "Видавничий дім "Всесвіт", президент якого - Олег Іванович Микитенко", - сказав він.
Дроздовський повідомив, що рейдери погрожували фізичною розправою і силовим методом захоплення приміщення.
"Було викликано міліцію. Але, як сказали рейдери - це нічого не дасть, за цим нападом начебто стоїть регіонал, депутат Харлім", - повідомив Дроздовський.
"Приходив якийсь пан Клименко С.Д. із якимись юристами-амбалами, які ломилися в усі кімнати, вибивали двері, прагнули знищити документи і отримати підпис, що приміщення передано їм", - підсумував заступник редактора.
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Again, just relaying this news:

Oleh Mykytenko may be the oldest editor of a literary magazine in the world.

Yesterday he went to work, as he has gone to work for over 50 years at the offices of Vsesvit on Hrushevsky street in Kyiv only to see the premises of one of the oldest literary magazines in Europe violated by thugs operating at the behest of a corrupt individual. The offices of Vsesvit have a map on the wall with pins marking where the literature which appears on its pages has appeared. It was a window on the world, a vital forum for a dialogue between Ukraine and the all the global literary traditions.

The potential destruction of Vsesvit represents the murder of part of Ukraine's soul.


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On 26 April the offices of the long-established literary journal Vsesvit were raided in what would seem to be the latest ugly use of criminal methods and brute force, resulting in the journal?s 83-year-old Chief Editor needing hospitalization

The following is a statement issued by the President of the Ukrainian Section of the International PEN Club, Myroslav Marynovych.

The media has reported that on 26 April a group of unidentified individuals carried out an attack on the premises of the Vsesvit editorial office on Hrushevsky St.  They demanded that the Chief Editor, Oleh Mykytenko vacate the premises and renounce his claim to the offices (which are lawfully owned by the Vsesvit Publishing Company).  The assailants behaved in a rough fashion, deliberately damaging Vsesvit property and it is hardly surprising that as a result of the raid, the 83-year?old Chief Editor ended up in hospital.

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were raided by officials acting on behalf of someone who wishes to seize the property where they are based.

That "someone" needs to be named, officially or at least publicly, since the statement above implies they know who it is.
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