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......  on Association Agreement

The progress on signature and ratification of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is unlikely as long as the opposition leaders are in prison and are unable to freely participate in political activity.

The British Embassy in Kyiv was surprised to read reports in Ukrainian media suggesting that Ivan Rogers, Adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron on Europe and Global Issues, had "expressed hope that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU would be signed by the end of the current year" during his meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Hryshchenko.  This is incorrect.  During that meeting, Mr Rogers underlined the UK's consistent message that the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement would not be signed and ratified until opposition figures, detained as the result of flawed trials, were released from prison and able to participate freely in Ukrainian political activity.

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I can't see there being any rush from the Ukrainian side.  Tymo's a few days into her hunger strike.  Is her release likely before she would starve herself to death?  No.  Plus the fact that there is just so much preparatory legislative work to be done anyway, they can simply get on with that whilst she gets ever thinner.

Lutsenko's case went to the ECfHR on 14 April with no result yet.  Tymo's hasn't even began there.  I don't even know if the others have even applied to the ECfHR.

Then there is the new case beginning to get underway over her nefarious dealings as owner of UESU and Somolli Ent which probably has a hell of a lot more credence (not to mention internationally gathered and slightly used evidence in the US), than for what she is currently banged up for.

It won't be getting signed any time soon and I honestly don't think the Ukrainian leadership are in any hurry to do so despite what they may say publicly.
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