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Re: Homesteading in Ukraine
« Reply #60 on: 21:21 20-Sep-2014 »
We are putting our place up for sale. We aren't leaving Ukraine but we'd rather just buy a finished home to live in at this point.

The property is 16 sotki with an old house that's dry with a fireplace and new electrical wiring. There is also a good barn full of cured and seasoned apple wood, a workshop, and a root cellar. We dug a well and put up a cement fence(creek stone facade) at 2.5 M and the back end of the lot is open fields all the way to the forest, and one side is adjacent to a wooded lot. It is at the far end of the village a couple of hundred meters from a clean and very large forest (5km by 10 km). 

Our property is about a 45 minute drive by car west of Kyiv, by M06 from Zhytomyrksa metro station. There are also regular buses. It is usually not more than an hour and half by bus. It's a safe and quiet village. It's also quite clean with good roads and a respectful looking school with a bus for the children. There are many new homes being built, with a few mansions at the beautiful lakes a couple of kilometers away. The property is on a sand and gravel road, with no traffic.  The locals speak mostly Ukrainian and I doubt the ruskies are likely to make it west of the Dneiper.  :D The drive from Kyiv is pleasant and scenic. If driving from M06(one of the best roads in Ukraine) you don't cross the railroads and possibly wait but you do if going by Odessa road, M05.

The place is ready for construction. I've cleared the lot, and wore out my chainsaw on over a dozen trees. We tilled nearly every square inch with hand tools. Hand grenades from WWII were actually a concern in the village. We didn't find any, thankfully, and there is not one piece of glass or metal left in the soil. The 5 sotki in the field that go with the main lot must still by checked by the army before it is tilled by a tractor, though. The house is more than good enough for a crew of laborers to live in. It's close to end near the gate and in the back end of the lot a new home can be built facing the open fields and forest.

We're asking for 40K USD (negotiable). We looked at over 50 properties before we bought this one a couple of years ago. It's a good property and we've put a lot into it. If interested please send a PM
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