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Title: Pets
Post by: Glyn Thomas. on 12:06 18-Dec-2016
Legislation on pets

The regulation may be defined as rudimentary. There are no laws defending animals and this leads to many dogs being abandoned on the streets.

Ukrainian legislation on keeping pets is behind its time, uncertain and being complicated with municipal normative documents, valid in particular areas. Besides, as an essential part of the Ukrainian legislation, it is just not fulfilled. If only an offence draws an enormous response, some legal act will be undertaken - but that is more about who will "pay the most".

The Law prohibits keeping dogs of fighting and aggressive breeds (though media regularly tell about clandestine dog fights) - although quite how they tell which breed is which is difficult to tell. Some cities (e.g. Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk) have obliged their owners of the pets to register the animals (but that seems to be mostly ignored by the locals as well).

There are no defined places for walking of dogs (though sometimes you may come across the relevant signs). As regards indoor places, it is common to leave your pet outside while settling your deals in a shop, a pharmacy or a bank but forbidden to enter bars and restaurants. That said, if you get on with the owner - and spend enough cash - dogs can be allowed in discretely :-). It is also permitted to enter some public places with small dogs and cats, held in a handbag - but you would not want to do that. Would you?

Pet care

The pet products market is rather developed in Ukraine, so you won?t face problems feeding and looking after your little friend. Premium European and American brands are not available in Ukraine, but if so, they are overestimated. You may also run up with false veterinary medicines even in specialized drug-shops, so it is better to purchase them abroad as well. Anti-tick medicines and collars are very expensive here - as generally the best are European and imported.

Veterinary and identification system

There are a big number of veterinary services for pets provided by small private enterprises and self-employed specialists. The tricky question is to find English-speaking one. The Ukrainians never take their pets to just any specialist - the same as services for people: they opt for hairdressers, dentists, lawyers based on personal endorsement. As regards veterinary institutions, sometimes highly-qualified veterinarians operate in the ordinary state clinics. And - in opposite - promoted private institutions may be well-appointed, but lack high-rank specialists.

Ukraine joined the international network for identifying lost animals in 2003. Nevertheless a pet chipping is still not popular and widely-spread in Ukraine.

Where to buy a pet

The common ways to find a pet of a particular breed are the following:

d, as the range of species in local nurseries is rather limited, you?d be better off to bring it from abroad.

To sum up, to keep a pet in Ukraine is easy and not expensive. But, if you?re conscious about the real quality of its life, this hobby may hit you in your pocket.

Bringing pets into/ out from Ukraine

Regulation on entering Ukraine with a pet is rather simple. If you are a citizen of the country with appropriate (low) level of rabies, you dog or cat should have such documents as the following:

hould be immunized annually against distemper, rabies, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis and parainfluenza.

To leave Ukraine with your pet you should take care about two certificates availability:

tting.  The final animal export certificate.

Many airlines allow their passengers to carry small-size pets in hand luggage. Otherwise the animals travel in baggage department in special boxes, aligned with international and airlines? corporate standards. Extra cost for pets transporting is charged any case.

Title: Re: Pets
Post by: Reggie on 19:41 21-Jul-2017

Thank you for this post.  Just inquired about shipping a dog from Kyiv to Texas; I am fairly disgusted by the company's quote (seems to be blatant opportunism and price gouging). Maybe I'm wrong?   I'll post the reply to me below.

Move One Inc.  - Shipping a Dog to the U.S. from Ukraine
Thank you for your inquiry. It will be our pleasure to assist you with your dog's relocation. Please note from Kiev we can only arrange cargo transport to IAH, Houston airport.

Depending on the required kennel size * * *  the charges with Door to Airport services Kiev to Houston, TX may be around 3500 - 4000 USD or more, however, this is only a rough estimate and not our official quotation.

Price includes: All charges include pick up of one dog at residence in Kiev city limits, provide transport kennel size * * *, arrange local health certificate Form 1 and transport to Kiev airport, arrange International health certificate (exchange for Form 1 at the airport), airport handling and export customs clearance at Kiev airport, airfreight from Kiev to Houston via Amsterdam based on the provided kennel size, all transit costs,  airport handling at IAH airport, destination customs clearance and hand the dog over to owner at Houston airport.

Standard Exclusions: Obtaining of necessary documents for customs clearance (microchip, vaccination records, veterinary fees, etc), pet hotel, customs duties and taxes - if applicable, delivery to residence in USA, handling/delivery after normal working hours/weekends, etc.

Please kindly let me know if you are interested in receiving our official quotation so I will send you our questionary.

Kind regards,

Pet Transport Department
Move One Inc.
tel: + 971 04 4385300 or 971 55 8615936
e-mail: pet@moveoneinc.com
Title: Re: Pets
Post by: Glyn Thomas. on 09:09 22-Jul-2017
That is nuts.  :'( :'( :'(
Title: Re: Pets
Post by: Reggie on 10:27 22-Jul-2017
That is nuts.  :'( :'( :'(

Thanks for confirming my feelings, and caring about dogs.

Pisses me off so much when they start exploiting people just because they love their pets.   

But thanks for your post. 
Title: Re: Pets
Post by: Carlusha on 10:53 22-Jul-2017
Looks like the going rate from UK to the USA is $2k for a medium to large doggie.

That, with the handling from Kyiv to Europe would take the cost to around $3k. See :

U.S based companies such as Pet Relocation generally charge between USD $2500- $3000 (?1900 - ?2,300) for moving one small pet internationally.

Perhaps try these people who say they will provide 6 quotes (suggesting they are brokers).

http://www.movehub.com/advice/pet-relocation-costs (http://www.movehub.com/advice/pet-relocation-costs)

Whilst writing, Reggie, may I ask if you are contemplating a permanent move back to USA?

Title: Re: Pets
Post by: Reggie on 12:18 22-Jul-2017
Hola Dadoosi!

Firstly, thank you for your always helpful and resourceful information.  (And to the other people that post substantive and helpful info.)

Moving back:  Not really.  In one way or another I'm always contemplating it half-heartedly.  But I have roots here.  Just thought about sending our doggy to the U.S. for a bit to stay with brother's family (his kids love our dog and she has another doggy-buddy there).   Painful to do, so I'm just inquiring right now.   Problem is I don't really trust anyone to watch her when I fly out of Kyiv on business (she's like a family member).  More likely than not I won't be able to send her for emotional reasons; brother's kids asking a lot though.  Had some good times swimming together in the river this year; and she is fully trained and a great buddy.   I also had a run-in a while back that I wrote about with irresponsible dog owners that have fighting dogs on thin home-made leashes or non at all (something the size of a small bear); 99% of the time that's not a problem, but once it was.  There are good dog owners in Ukraine, but there are some that think pet care means letting your 80 lbs. untrained Turkish Kangal fighting dog out to roam by itself.  I don't want to do anything anti-social to a another dog, but it's an issue when I take our dog out for a walk at night.  (The random stray dogs, I don't care about.)  Weighing all options.     
Title: Re: Pets
Post by: Carlusha on 13:04 22-Jul-2017
Ah, a business trip? Have you thought of asking on the forum whether any of our members may be willing to look after your beloved pet for the duration of your trip? This might prove a better option over kennels, at least as far as you are concerned.

However, that said, the kennel option should mean your dog is only exposed to selected other dogs and usually walked on kennel land. This would avoid the Kangal threat.

Once you have found a reliable kennel, you can comfortably make those trips in the future.

Oh, a beautiful dog.