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Title: Future of Ukraine
Post by: BeYou2020 on 07:33 10-Oct-2020
Anyone here who can try to collect some thoughts and ideas about the future of Ukraine ?
In my opinion it could be a good place for IT businesses and maybe finally a part of EU. It has everything...
I mean maybe Ukraine has to try to follow same approach as Estonia.. to be a digital country...

I am really surprised how eager the president is right now to make everything happen... like trying to attract investors, trying to get Ukraine into EU, Connections to UK, cooperation with Microsoft.... this are only some examples.
I think this lovely country deserve a bright future... what do you guys think ?
Title: Re: Future of Ukraine
Post by: UKUA on 09:30 10-Oct-2020
Ukraine has been a digital country for many years though unfortunately, the people have yet to grasp the concept and advantages of the digital age despite Ukraine having some of the best coders, analysts, technicians etc.

According to SkillValue 2019 Report, based on 550+ technical assessments, the top 5 countries with the best developers in the world are:
During the last few months, there has been a huge influx of programmers from Belarus, eager to escape the sheet Lukashenko and his Momon thugs. Add to this a number of technology firms have upped and left to relocate in Ukraine together with employees (though some people stayed as there were a lot of families involved).

You ask what we guys think. Well, personally, I believe it will be some time before Ukraine realises its EU dreams due to thieving ass-hats in the Rada and other official outfits enjoying immunity with considerable impunity. Once the country throws these cretins out of their cushy money counting dens AND properly convicts them for their years of stealing, pilfering, fraud and murder, then perhaps we could readily say the country deserves a "bright future"

Title: Re: Future of Ukraine
Post by: Tnic on 11:52 10-Oct-2020
Nailed it!

I predict that salo will be banned and become a popular black market item before the asshats in govt (and other oligarchs) ever get convicted and locked up.
Title: Re: Future of Ukraine
Post by: BeYou2020 on 12:43 10-Oct-2020
Wow ! Thank you for your kind answers. I guess you both are locals and you know what you're talking about ;)

I was looking and seeing only the good things which appear to "non locals" - German. Good summary about the situation :(

As you maybe saw my other post... I was and I am still interested to do a step and move in direction Ukraine... but after reading all that I am not sure if it's a smart decision... I was going to ask my boss for remote work possibility and get first impression about the country and after a while take a decision.. thats why I asked about the future...

My intention was never to "hurt" somebody with my post; just wanted to get a feeling... !
Title: Re: Future of Ukraine
Post by: UKUA on 14:30 10-Oct-2020

My intention was never to "hurt" somebody with my post; just wanted to get a feeling... !

Never even thought that for a moment!

Moving to Ukraine to work remotely IS a smart decision. Beautiful country, lots of history, places of beauty and, with luck, you meet friendly people. Internet speeds in some regions are phenomenal and cheap.

Funnily enough, neither of us are local these days although we have spent some considerable time in Ukraine. We go for 3 months at a time but, thanks to the current pandemic, any trips are on hold.

You will need to familiarise yourself with the rules for entry to Ukraine for work.

Title: Re: Future of Ukraine
Post by: AkMike on 21:30 10-Oct-2020
But they have had their time in country.
 I'm optimistic about the future as long as they clean out the crooks in power and behind the throne. It's been getting better at street level, slow oh so slow but there is improvement. Roads are finally being repaved after many years of neglect. manhole covers are replace rather than just shoving branches in to was motorist of a BIG pothole.  (Thieves steal them for scrap metal)
 I hope that things continue to get better and would if the moscow midget would back off the invasion and return Crimes.
 Before making a move here I suggest that you visit and see if you can manage independently. Language will be a barrier constantly. Maybe not so much in the IT field but at the stores and everyday life. Lviv area speaks mainly Ukrainian and Kyiv is mostly russian. But Ukrainian is becoming more populat because of the invasion.
Title: Re: Future of Ukraine
Post by: Ted on 08:27 13-Oct-2020

 Internet speeds in some regions are phenomenal and cheap.

For example I live in Bila Tserkva, I have BKM as my internet provider. I have a full fiber optic line all the way into the router in the house. I have an average of 940Mbps down and about 960 up, total cost for the year 2400UAH with my discount 2100UAH (~$74.00 USD or basically $6. a month) Ping average is 2.5. Downtime....about 0%!  6 bucks a month! my friend in Portland Oregon pays $100 a month for less speed....