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Title: Guns restrictions, concealed weapons (or lack thereof) for foreigners in UA
Post by: Sandora on 00:11 09-Dec-2020
What's the state of this? I think I recall seeing that you can have an assault rifle if it's a gift. Dunno about handguns but I'm assuming at most it would just be rubber bullets. Fine for my purposes I guess.

I'm a night a owl and it seems ~once/yr a group of drunk young males go in on me. It's not intense like my experiences in the States, but the frequency seems waaaay more (though the stats don't seem to back that up). Drunken young males, mob mentality, afflicted w/ low IQs and not yet fully developed brains (since that happens ~mid 20's). Just seems more like a hobby for a lot of guys, not some do or die sh!t. Regardless, ofc it still sucks to get jumped.

And even though I've never been much of a gun guy...would rather just flash the cold steel, smile and keep walkin'. More or less just a basic accessory for when you slip out at midnight for a snack or whatever. Anyone up to date on the legislation? I see that you can't have a criminal record, but are all crimes considered? I have various petty crimes from when I myself was ~17-19 but after that, nothing. Normalcy commenced and came out of it more seasoned/reflective/well-rounded. Personally I can say that I got fighting for the sake of entertainment out of my system by age...8 or so, and anything beyond that was just self defense...

And furthermore, why is it so common that groups of drunk guys are outside at night screaming like animals? WTF even is that? I just speak survival Russian, so what I hear is particularly incomprehensible. But can't say I recall (white) western guys in western countries just hanging out and yelling utter drivel for hours on end. At least not like here...srsly sometimes it's just like..."WTF even are you, man?" Did we decide to opt out of being human, or what? Getting the drunk guys to just shut up outside in general might well be a decent payoff if the only expense were to endure the periodic street run-in. Even dogs & feral cats are just shrieking away in agony in the long nights of winter mths, like it's some sort of dystopic horror film. Who is mimicking who here?

And anecdotally speaking, I've noticed it to increase ~this time of yr. The drunken street violence, the mega brawls, the yelling, etc. etc. Sub zero temps, global pandemic, whatever. They'll still be out there ad nauseam. Can practically set your watch/calendar to it. And w/o fail it'll be males in mid teens to early 20's. You look for any sign of intelligence in their eyes but you see nothing at all. As if it's totally devoid of even possessing an essence or soul. And neither party understands the other. And they just attack and keep yelling in Russian as if they could be understood. Why are you speaking at all...

And one observation I've made (in general, not just when I'm involved)...these guys will generally be decidedly average in their physiques. Not physically alpha in the least. Such pattern recognition is simple when you're witnessing the larger drunken 4am street brawls from your porch and what not. So I'm to assume that the behavior is to feel masculine due to lack of sex, lack of being tall/muscular/etc. And in these conditions--being in some "crew"--they can behave fearlessly and their egos can be appeased. Regardless you're getting jumped, man.

Anyway, yeah, just had it happen again. But yeah, guns/expats/UA. Happy holidays

Title: Re: Guns restrictions, concealed weapons (or lack thereof) for foreigners in UA
Post by: Sandora on 02:31 09-Dec-2020
Upon further reflection I'm wondering if the markedly increased nonsensical, animalistic degeneracy is a product of low cost stimulants manufactured in the villages/countryside/industrial areas. e.g. amphetamines and bath salts.

I don't know. But hard to fathom alcohol alone causing folks to be so god damn weird. Personally when I'm drinking, it's just joking around and stuff, maybe get some food...okay, cool, l8r guys, it's been nice. Then go home and sleep. Never once is there a thought of "Now I must join a group with others, and babble for hours keeping everyone awake, and attack males who walk by who are not in this group"  ::)
Title: Re: Guns restrictions, concealed weapons (or lack thereof) for foreigners in UA
Post by: Tnic on 13:08 09-Dec-2020
Sorry Sandora,

Foreigners cannot own a gun, of any kind.  Only UA citizens.

You could try carrying a replica, but don't blame me if they stuff it up your buttock  some night.  Best way to avoid trouble is to stay away from these mutts.
Title: Re: Guns restrictions, concealed weapons (or lack thereof) for foreigners in UA
Post by: Sandora on 17:21 10-Dec-2020
Thx for reply. And it's unfortunate, considering that it's not us foreigners (westerners anyway) who are forming groups and attacking ppl. By the time we'd sufficiently have our sh!t together to be able to move abroad--especially overseas--we'd likely be well beyond that age demographic anyway.

Though obviously laws aren't tailor-made for a subset of the foreign demographic. You're still gonna have other foreigners...Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, whatever, who might well clump up and cause issues. Individuality seems to be a marking characteristic of the West in general, with it being rooted in Greek philosophy, based on my perception anyhow. Someone being from the States like me doesn't automatically make them seem cool or interesting or whatever. And the laws are made by Ukrainians for Ukrainians, and that's what it comes down to in the end, in my view. They'll seek foreign aid but here in Ukraine seek to have an advantage over foreigners from those very countries.

The fake gun thing could work, but my concern would be that one member of the group would be 100% out of his mind instead of just 99%. And the 100% guy approaches you and you don't start busting caps. And blam, now they've caught you out. And now the fact that you've pointed that replica gun at them has really set them off and you might get pistol whipped by your own fake gun, stabbed, etc.

The lack of understanding them in general seems to really set them off (even though it was them who initiated the communication). You communicate to them, in Russian, that you can't understand them. And with the lack of communication you can just feel the rage building up in them like like a kettle until boom, it's on, and one of them makes that first move.

Title: Re: Guns restrictions, concealed weapons (or lack thereof) for foreigners in UA
Post by: Tnic on 13:34 14-Dec-2020
Well, 99% of them are just big pussies.  You get in their grill and they back off.  Works in 1v1.  Those youth groups get a kick out of taking down adult males.

1) Best defense is to not be there at all.
2) Get the wife/GF/SO licensed and buy her/him the noise maker.  Just be aware of the consequences should you ever have to bust a cap in public.
3)  There ARE gas (CO2) options available as well.  A well placed shot will slow em down enough to GTF outta Dodge.

4)  All this crap is why I decided to go back to Maine and get my wife her golden ticket.  As bad as stuff might be here, we're still the most free place anywhere.  FYI, I just pulled the trigger on a Windham Weps AR in 7.62x39.  Will be busting caps (when it arrives at my FFL) in a couple weeks.