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Title: Residency time limit??
Post by: Ser1980 on 04:04 08-May-2006
Good morning,

I am currently residing in Bermuda, and we have a five year residency limit, whereby expats get kicked out after five years, unless they are considered "essential executive personnel". I wonder if a similar rule exists in Ukraine or is it more based on employment - as long as the expat is employed in a  professional capacity, they can continue to live in Ukraine? Potentially one can  stay there indefinitely?

I looked around on line but did not see anything addressing this issue. Also, it looks like Ukraine is not recognizing dual citizenships? At least I saw something regarding the renunciation of all previously held citizenships in the requirements for application. Am I just not reading this right or is this really true??

Thanks a lot

Title: Residency time limit??
Post by: rivnet on 11:55 08-May-2006

there is no any limits for staying in Ukraine for foreigners. You just have to extend your temporary visa for the next year. I think you have to have place to live and job or what is much easier - register yourself as a private enterpreneur.

Ukraine does not recognise dual citizenship - but in the same time nobody really cares if you have two passports. A lot of people live here with Ukrainian passport and travel with american or other ones. But if you want to obtain Ukrainian passport you have to stop your other citezenship.

generally speaking it is good idea to contact closest Ukrainian embassy for ditails.