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Title: Best International School
Post by: 7517 on 22:18 24-Jul-2005

I looked up a couple of Internationaql schools in Kiev - pechersk and british international. are there any others? which one is the best? thanks
Title: Best International School
Post by: berkut on 15:37 24-May-2006
Kiev currently hosts 4+ international schools, with a student population of between 100 and 400 in each: Pechersk http://www.psi.kiev.ua/ , British http://www.bisk.kiev.ua/ , Meridian http://www.mischool.kiev.ua , and QSI http://www.qsi.org/ukr . All international schools in Ukraine charge an annual tuition of between US$3500 and US$11000 per annum, depending on grade level and reputation.
After viewing their websites, I would suggest you personally visit those schools which interest you.

I would be interested in hearing from forum members as to the existence of any English language schools in ANY other cities of Ukraine - Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, etc.  ??